Monday, January 3, 2011

One In A Million

Part Chorus Manyak best wooo~

Jet setter
Go getter
Nothing better
Call me Mr. been there done that
Top model chick to your every day hood rat
Less than all but more than a few
But I've never met one like you

Been all over the world
Done a little bit of everything
Little bit of everywhere
With a little bit of everyone
All the girls I've been with
Things I've seen it takes much to impress
But sure enough you go it makes your soul stand up from all the rest

I can be in love
But I just don't know
Baby one thing is for certain
Whatever you do it's working
All the girls don't matter
In your presence can't do what you do
There's a million girls around but I don't see no one but you

Girl you're so one in a million
You are
Baby you're the best I ever had
Best I ever had
And I'm certain that
There ain't nothing better
No there ain't nothing better than this

You're not a regular girl
You don't give a damn about your look
Talking about I can't do it for you
But you can do it for yourself
Even though that ain't so
Baby cause my dough don't know how to end
But that independent thing I'm with it
All we do is win baby

I could be in love
But I just don't know
Baby one thing is for certain


Nur said...

tahu tak lagu nih snagat best...adehla...x stop2 dengar..haahhaa

plus lagu so big by iyaz

SyahmiFikri said...

wahhh.. bertambah sorg lagi peminat lagu nie..

yeaa.. sgt2 best kann.. huhuh

Afzainizam said...

,=====,o00o Pon..Ponn..Ponn
Selamat Tahun Baru Dengan Azam Baru

Salam kenalan dari kami moga kami dapat respon baik dari blog kamu yerrr

yupppp dalam beribu tu aje satu.... dalam sejuta tu pun yang terbaik satu....

yappppp sejuta peminat lagu ni best sangat lahhh


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